Disability Insurance Lawyers

Employers often offer Group Benefit Plans that include long term disability benefits and provide some guidance to employees on how to submit a claim.

For professionals who own their own policies, maneuvering through the red tape to file a disability claim, and prove to the insurance company that it is valid, can be comparatively more difficult.

Private disability plans in Canada pay benefits after the expiration of a waiting period of usually between 30 – 90 days or longer depending on the particular policy. Many private policies provide for long term benefits, in the event that the policy holder is totally disabled from their own occupation.

For younger policy holders, it can be even more difficult to get insurance companies to agree to long term disability benefits, as the length of time they are paying out benefits will be longer.

Many cases are resolved by negotiating a lump-sum settlement as both the policy holder and the insurance company prefer to end their ongoing relationship in exchange for a mutually agreeable compromise.

Hiring David Share Associates to help you secure all the long term benefits you deserve can make all the difference. Our skilled lawyers can successfully maneuver through the red tape to simplify your policy and interpret it to your advantage. For peace of mind, and maximum long term disability benefits when you need them, turn to David Share Associates based in Toronto and throughout Ontario.